Online Hook-up
Online Hook-up Uploaded on Apr 15, 2016
Hey everyone, Frankie here, we’re back with yet another upload here. For this shoot we got a gorgeous red head named Dolly. Duke met Dolly on the online, and she seemed interested in being a part of our little porno project here. She was also curious to see if we could still get it up. We planned a little surprise for her and had a shiny new dildo for her to try out. I was the one in charged of banging her with that huge dildo as Dolly gave Duke a glorious blow job. I was also allowed to get her ready for Duke. Dolly’s eighteen year old pussy tasted like rainbows. After that is when the real fun started, Duke went in for the kill, and fucked Dolly all over the living room. Another great shoot for us! Who says old dudes can’t have fun?
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Duke the Philanthropist
Duke the Philanthropist Uploaded on Mar 18, 2016
Glenn here with our newest adventure. Ever since Frankie and Johnny concocted this fabulous plan to bang chicks, we’ve been having the best time. Now with Duke in the mixture even more. Duke put out an ad and got a response. This gorgeous girl named Jennifer was looking for other ways to get money to pay tuition. Jennifer is incredible! She ’s pretty, and can fuck the hell out of an old man!! First, Frankie chatted her up, you know being his normal creepy self. Then, Duke was uncharged of fucking this beautiful lady. This time it was Duke’s turn, fingers crossed that next time it’ll be my turn. Enjoy everyone.
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Erectis Maximus
Erectis Maximus Uploaded on Feb 19, 2016
This week Frankie and the boys have a special treat for everyone. Frankie's son put up an ad for an "experiment" that required two lovely college co-eds to come and test the theory of Erectis Maximus, Its simple, Erectis Maximus is where a we test out to see if a 75 year old man can still get it up with just the help of two gorgeous chicks a quarter of his age. The two lovely ladies for this experiment were Sally and Gigi, these two beauties go to State University, Sally is known for squirting and Gigi is just a sexy fox. The girls were at first hesitant to get down and dirty with a grampa, but once Frankie's charm kicked in there was no way these two cuties were going home without having some old cock. Frankie had the two girl make out and feel each other up then they girls proceeded to give Frankie a double blowjob which almost put good old Frankie over the edge, Thats when our main man Duke stepped in to lay down some pipe on these two sexy college girls. Gigi was so impressed with how good Duke was fucking her she couldn't keep the moans down. and Sally well lets say she squirted all over the place. This is most defiantly a great scene. one for the books if you ask me!
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Age ain't nothing but a number!
Age ain't nothing but a number! Uploaded on Jan 22, 2016
Frankie here, you son's of bitches! I know many of you old bastards wish you were in my shoes, but you can live vicariously through me. That should work. Any who! We have a new friend joining us on this adventure today. Welcome Duke everyone! He tagged along with us to go see an escort we met online. Seems a bit sketchy but we are old horny men trying to bust a nut. Hopefully this isn't a set up. If not, you motherfuckers better have our bail money. We had a sexy blonde join us in the hot tub for some steamy action. Man oh man, she had a nice big ass for a white girl. She sucked my dick real good, she made me busted a nut before I could get any pussy action, but Glenn and the new guy, Duke took her into the better to finish off what I started. Duke bent her over and fucked that babe real good, while she sucked Glenn's dick. Duke seems like a real pro. He had this broad screaming with a mouth full of dick. Then she took those huge loads. Wow, what a crazy day!
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Introducing Duke
Introducing Duke Uploaded on Jan 15, 2016
Hello everybody, Johnny here once again bringing you a new blue pill men upload. For this movie, we’ve decided to get our friend Duke to join in on the action. Not just so he can have fun, but to help pay for the girls as well. Thanks to word of mouth we were able to acquire this beautiful girl named Lisa. One of Lisa’s friend had told her about us and she came a calling. Lisa has recently started making these kind of movies so she was happy to get more experience. We didn’t let Duke just jump into the action. We had to show him a few simple rules before shooting. First, always take the blue pills. See, at our age it’s not as easy as it used to be to get it up sometimes (most times.) Second rule is get limber. Limbering up at our age is very important. At our age the body just isn’t what it used to be. After we walked Duke through all of the steps it was time to go to town. We let Duke do most of the action, it being his first time and all. Of course Frankie had to jump in and get his as well. Lisa is a sweetheart, she sucked both of them off at the same time. Then, went to take Duke from behind as she went down on Frankie . With all set and done, it was a pleasure to shoot with this wonderful nineteen year old, Lisa. Hopefully everyone enjoys it.— Johnny
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Chillin with a hot Tamale!
Chillin with a hot Tamale! Uploaded on Jan 8, 2016
Hey everyone, Johnny here. For this upload we tried to do something different. A local stripper and our good friend Liz needed a place to stay for a week. So, Frankie made a deal with her to stay with us for that week. All she had to do is help us out with a few things. As Frankie would say “Benefits for benefits!” Liz offers us a great deal of services, cooking, cleaning, and even fucking and sucking. We decided to film a little bit each day she stayed with us for this movie. Frankie’s son, Justin, was some how able to mix it together into one movie. I think it came out great. We were able to capture many different clips for this one. It starts at our cook out last week, where Liz showed us her body. We have footage of us playing a strip card game. Frankie and Glenn were the lucky ones who got to fuck her. I only got a lap dance, but it wasn’t filmed. Well everybody, I hope you enjoy our new movie here. —Johnny
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Popping Pills!
Popping Pills! Uploaded on Jan 1, 2016
Hello everyone, Johnny here, bringing you the first installment in what we hope to be a continuing series. My best friend Frankie and I have decided to start making porn. I will most likely only be behind the camera. I don’t want to take the light away from Frankie, he tends to want to be the center of attention. Our original idea was to film one video to show to our friends at the old folks home. However, Frankie’s son, Justin, who edited the video, convinced us to put the video on the inter web. He has helped us with a web site and will edit all of our upcoming films. Well, enough blabbering. For our first video we found this lovely nineteen year old named Melissa, she’s such a sweetheart. She’s had a few porno movies under her belt. Melissa told us a bit about her previous shoots and experiences with porn. I was a little nervous. Talking to a 19 year old about her sexual experiences, I felt like i was over heating. After getting acquainted for a few minutes, it was time for Frankie to take his magical blue pill. Frankie showed Melissa that cause we’re old doesn’t mean we can’t party. Melissa also showed Frankie a few tricks, totally negating the saying you an teach an old dog new tricks. I guess when it comes to sex and the blue magic pills the old dog will learn.I tried capturing the action to the best of my abilities but these hands have gotten shakier with the passing years. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it. Thanks for tuning in. —Johnny
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Riding the Old Wood!
Riding the Old Wood! Uploaded on Dec 25, 2015
Since Frankie is incapable of keeping his mouth shut, he’s been telling everyone about our little porn project here. Our good old friend Glenn asked if he could join in the action. Glenn has been a great friend of ours for quite some time now. Plus, having someone other than Frankie perform on camera is a blessing. Some things just can’t be unseen. This time around Frankie decided to prepare some cookies and toast spread for the beautiful lady incase she would arrive hungry. Glenn of course arrived a few minutes before our female talent. Finally, Amy arrived, an eighteen year old sweetheart doing her first ever porn scene. Being that this was her first movie she was a little nervous at first but eventually gained some more confidence. It started off with Glen getting a blow job near the kitchen. soon the action moved to the living room. Frankie, knowing that he wasn’t going to be part of the film, couldn’t help but be the center of attention and asked Amy if he could eat her ass for a few minutes. According to him it was better than the cookies he had spread out. After that it was Glenn and Amy action. Amy delivered the goods, and thanks to the blue minis, so did Glenn. —Johnny
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Glenn finishes the job!
Glenn finishes the job! Uploaded on Dec 18, 2015
Hello everyone, Johnny here with another upload. For this shoot we got this gorgeous girl named Lily. She had heard of us from one of her friends, so she decided to come by to have some fun and get some money in the process. Frankie was up early the day of the shoot, and he headed out to the pharmacy to pick up his little blue pills. He spent most of the early afternoon getting all spiffed up for Lily’s arrival. Lily arrived wearing a nurses outfit, well we later found out it was a veterinary assistant outfit. So, Frankie decided he wanted to play a quick game of doctor. Nurse Lily examined Frankie and then gave him a glorious blow job. However, when it came time for the fucking. Frankie was unsuccessful. Instead of letting the movie die right then and there, we gave our friend Glenn a call. Of course knowing that a pretty girl such as Lily was waiting, Glenn arrived in record time. Ready and determined to help us finish the movie, or maybe just wanting to get off. Glenn and Lily hit it off and off they went. Glenn really came through and saved the day. They fucked for quite some time in different positions. Thank you Glenn, for being a real stand up guy and helping us out when Frankie couldn’t . Pun intended. —Johnny
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Over 150 years of dick for this sexy brunette!
Over 150 years of dick for this sexy brunette! Uploaded on Dec 11, 2015
As Frankie would say, “We gotta keep these going, baby!” And keep them going we have. Johnny here with a new movie for all you guys out there. In this movie, the lovely Christine joins us for some fun. Christine is the daughter of Frankie’s long time house keeper, Betsy. Although Frankie will tell you that she’s his girlfriend. He gets confused, ya know. Christine found out about our new little side business here and wanted in. Especially when we told her that for a threesome we’d pay her double. That’s right guys, it's threesome time. Frankie and Glenn teamed up to show Christine a good time. They fucked for close to an hour. Not too bad for two old timers. Christine did her part and made sure both guys were very well taken care of. She took turns on both of the fellas with the blow jobbing and the stroking. Before you know it, she had two old guys going at her from both ends. We have all known Christine her entire life. It's nice to see how well she has filled out, and not to be too crass, but it was fun to see her get filled up, if you know what I mean. I hope she comes back, or at least sends us some of her friends, as long as they look as good as her. Till then, enjoy what we were able to put together. —Johnny
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